February Newsletter

Date: January 30, 2014 Category: Monthly Newsletter

February’s Newsletter

We are hoping that February is a little less eventful with snow then January has been. There are many exciting events that Kids Campus will celebrate this month. We will talk about the Presidents for Presidents week.  In celebration of Groundhog Day we will be watching very closely if the groundhog sees his shadow, I do not think any of us want another six weeks of winter. The children will be making Valentines and will talk about friendship for Valentines Day.Having the honor of hosting this years Super Bowl the children will makes banners for the team they would like to see win. If anyone would like to take a dip in the Ocean, Long Beach will hold their annual Make A Wish Polar Bear plunge on Super Bowl morning.groundhog-clipart

All of the students will be learning about “appreciation” for our character education component of our curriculum.

We would like to wish the following students a Happy Birthday: Lital, Benny,Joel, Batel and Taylor.

Our infant curriculum will focus on love and friendship.The teachers will sing songs and read books to go along with this theme along with signing the words “all done.”

Miss Mercedes and Miss Andreya from Toddler Room C will focus on night and day for Groundhog Day and will learn the letters N, O and P, the color pink and the heart shape.

Miss Cassandra and Miss Haydee in Two Year Old  Room D will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a party filled with love. They will learn about the letters M and N, the color purple, count to eight and of course learn how to draw the shape of a heart.

Miss Nicole and Miss Patti from Two Year Old  Room E will make gifts for their families for Valentines Day  as well as celebrate with their friends by having a party and decorating with red and pink. To continue learning about the seasons we will explore with snow. We will watch to see if the Groundhog  sees his shadow and discuss the change of winter to spring. For Superbowl we will practice catching, rolling, throwing and passing a football as well as creating a Seahawk vs. Broncos banners from the children’s artwork.superbowl-2014-logo

Miss Jenn and Miss Sofia in the Three Year Old Room H will will teach the letters P, Q and R, the numbers 14 and 15 the heart shape and the color purple.

Our pre-school teacher Miss Stephanie in Room G will continue working in the children’s personal curriculum and reviewing letters P, Q, R and numbers 14,15, and 16. The shape is a heart and the color of the month is purple. In January we began learning  word blends and endings to aide the children as they start learning to read. We will continue to further their reading skills and vocabulary by beginning am, he,  and in endings. For Groundhog Day the children will trace each others bodies on paper to explain what a shadow is. For Superbowl we will make fan banners and cheer on the teams. Valentines Day will have the children making owls in pink and red “Hoo loves you?” and picture frames for mom and dad. The children will make Uncle Sam hats, beards, take pictures honoring our future Presidents.

Miss Susan and Miss Jetta our pre-school teachers in room J will be talking about our first President George Washington and our 16th President Abraham Lincoln.in honor of Presidents Day. For Valentines Day we will discuss why we observe this occasion and talk about what love is. During circle time will will do different experiments making flubber and paper mache masks over a balloon and have the balloon come out leaving the mask in place. We will continue working on addition and subtraction.Slide2

Reminder: We are closed Monday, February 17th in honor of Presidents Day!

Quick and fun recipe for Super Bowl to do with your child:



1 package crescent roll dough

1 package mini hot dogs

ketchup or mustard

thin popsicle stick for making football stitches in dough


Pre- heat oven according to dough package

Roll each hot dog in a piece of dough leaving enough room at the ends to close

press end of dough into football shape

Bake according to dough package/serve with favorite condiment

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