Our school curriculum follows both monthly and weekly themes based upon the seasons, holiday and traditional calendar events. Every week the curriculum offers new theme based activities for the children. The teacher’s use our standard curriculum, the school based version of ABC Mouse, and enhance the classroom lessons with center enriched materials. Learning is encouraged through multi means beginning with our morning circle time and reinforced throughout the days activities. The teacher’s post their lesson plans on the bulletin board outside of the classroom for the parent’s to view.

ABC Mouse

In coordination with our regular curriculum, Kids Campus uses the web-based ABC Mouse. This program, specifically developed for the pre-school classroom, is carefully designed with more than 450 lessons divided into six levels. Each child is able to be continuously challenged at their own pace. The reading component helps children quickly learn the letters of the alphabet, sounds and sight words. ABC Mouse allows children to learn reading, math and other subjects while expressing themselves artistically. Through song and books, the children learn about different genres under the early childhood spectrum.

The built in progress tracker allows the teacher to monitor each child’s progress throughout the year and you will get a printout of your child’s online learning at semi-annual parent-teacher conferences. The online curriculum is frequently updated with new books, games, puzzles, song and art. Your child will have endless activities to entertain them as they are learning.

ABC Mouse

What Parents have to say about ABC Mouse:

“My daughter loves this site (ABC Mouse)! She has learned so much more than I thought she could learn at her age. ABC’S are her favorite things to do, and she has learned to read sight words well above her age level.” (Morgan, mother of a two year old.)

“My kids love the integrated science content. The lesson path is very motivating to them. They want to do their lessons because they are curious about what the next environment will be.” (Mother of 2– and 3–year–old girls, and a 3–year–old boy)

“Thank you so very much for making learning fun for my twin girls. They love all the activities, the games, the art, the music, and even the learning. It’s amazing how fast they are learning; when very little keeps their attention, this has them wanting to learn. And sharing the computer has taught them about taking turns. Thank you so very much.” (Mother of 4–year–old twin girls)

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