Daily Report

Kids Campus sends home daily reports at the end of the day to all guardians/parents. This is an important tool in communicating between school and parent.

The infant report is a detailed summary that informs the parent of what their child did that day, including feedings, diaper changes, books that were read and song that were sung.

For Preschool and Pre-K children, the report will discuss the teacher’s weekly/daily lessons, what their child worked on and other classroom activities. There is an additional section for teachers to give feedback and comment on each child’s special accomplishments and achievements. By reviewing the reports, not only do parents gain understanding of their child’s school day, but they are also able to reinforce concepts and lessons at home.

Lastly, we are excited to announce a new offering at Kids Campus, starting in February 2017 you will no longer receive paper activity reports. Instead, you’ll be getting digital daily activity reports on your smart device or through your e-mail via Preschool2me. These reports will contain pictures, lesson plans and other important information about your child’s day at our school sent from a secure, encrypted server! Check out more on the Preschool2me website for further information regarding this program!

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