The backbone of Kids Campus’ curriculum is the school based version of ABC Mouse which provides developmentally appropriate, level based instruction to build skills in a variety of areas including pre-reading literacy, math foundations, creative expression, music, art, and science. Developed by experienced and recognized educational advisors, the guiding principle is the belief that learning for young children can be facilitated by offering multiple means of access to concepts through books, songs, puzzles and art. The program is organized around weekly themes such as colors, shapes, tools, and holidays for pre-schoolers and builds to include seasons, weather, occupations, traditional calendar events and much more for the older students. Lessons are interactive and engaging, with simple verbal directions, appealing graphics and music. They are introduced with a story or song, and are followed up throughout the day with related activities. Each lesson offers several different ways to learn in accordance with the recommendations of early childhood experts and thus allows children to find their own best way of learning.

At Kids Campus, the first structured activity of our day is Circle Time. Circle Time is one of the most important parts of a child’s day. The teacher introduces the current day’s lessons which are intergrated throughout all the early childhood core areas and will often review the previous day’s concepts. Together, through question and answer, songs and readings, teachers and students interactively go over current weather, calendar (day, week, month), holidays and weekly themes and each day’s lesson. Related lessons in Sign and Spanish language are taught as appropriate. Circle Time also plays a crucial role in a child’s social development. Children learn classroom and life etiquette such as taking turns, paying attention, raising your hand/waiting your turn to speak, speaking in front of a group. So much wonderful learning takes place at this time!

Morning lessons are reinforced with afternoon projects, and free play is encouraged in our enriched learning centers. Themes often determine the centers use of the day and each center offers a variety of fun, child initiated activities. Taking turns rotating through the math, science, social studies, art, music and library areas helps promote each child’s independence, responsibility and self discovery.

Our outdoor and indoor gyms are used daily and play an important role in facilitating children’s physical, social and emotional development. Teacher planned activities promoting fitness and exercise using gross motor skills help develop the large muscles of the body and encourage healthy, lifelong fitness habits!

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