Our Pre-K/Kindergarten Readiness Program is designed for children who need further challenge beyond our preschool curriculum. It is a wonderful option for those children with late year birthdays who miss the school cut-off date and/or those who are academically ready for more advanced work. The curriculum for this group meets and in most cases exceeds those of public school kindergarten. With our innovative curriculum children are not only ready but excited to enter Kindergarten* and share all they have learned!
(*or First Grade depending on each child’s individual progress)

Children in this program are exposed to and explore such concepts as: following multi step directions, independent reading time and use of upper and lower case letters to aid in language development.

Social and Emotional Development

  • Empathic and cooperative group play
  • Communicates/Plays/interacts cooperatively with teachers and other children
  • Asks for assistance when needed
Cognitive/ Language Development

  • Stays on task, follows multi-step directions
  • Recognizes and writes name, phone number, upper v lower case alphabet, numbers up to 20
  • Pre-reading/reading skills-can actively interact and “read’ along with books and stories
  • Basic math concepts of adding, subtracting, grouping
  • Understands and can identify concepts related to time, money, calendar, weather
  • Active scientific curiosity, basic cause and effect
Fine/Gross Motor Skills

  • Uses scissors and cut neatly
  • Colors within the lines
  • Traces
  • Basic movements of dressing; zippering, buttons, snaps
  • Completes age appropriate puzzles
  • Demonstrates skipping, balancing, walking backwards, hopping, jumping rope
  • Understands how to participate in a basic organized group activity

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