Three and four year olds are encouraged to become more physically and emotionally independent. Children this age are learning social skills as they gain awareness and control over their feelings and behavior. Introduction to important life concepts and appropriate behaviors are explored through teacher examples, behavior modelling, daily discussions and both structured and unplanned activities. The preschoolers rich imagination and quest for knowledge is reinforced and enhanced with our specialized hands-on learning centers and small, level based group instruction in language, math, science, social studies, music and art. Technical/computer skills are introduced and children learn to navigate the ABC Mouse program to reinforce lessons and track progress on their own as well as with their class in a group setting. Some examples of goals for our Preschoolers are

Social and Emotional Development

  • Independent play in learning centers
  • Participates well in large (circle time) and small groups (table play)
  • Communicates/Plays/interacts cooperatively with teachers and other children
  • Asks for assistance when needed
Cognitive/ Language Development

  • Knows age, first and last name, recognizes written name
  • Stays on task, follows 2 step directions
  • Shows interest in books and stories
  • Repeats simple rhymes, songs, and finger plays
  • Identifies colors, shapes
  • Beginning recognition of letters of alphabet and numbers 0-10
Fine/Gross Motor Skills

  • Understands/attempts to use scissors
  • Can strings large beads
  • Completes age appropriate puzzles
  • Holds crayons/paint brush properly
  • Demonstrates running, jumping, hopping
  • Can kick/throw/catch a ball alone and as part of group activity

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