Toddlers have just begun to develop and identify their own ideas and wants. On a daily basis, children in our program benefit through positive classroom experiences and teacher role modeling and are encouraged to become respectful and independent thinkers, learners and problem solvers. Some examples of goals for our Toddlers and Twos are:

Social Emotional

  • Follow simple directions
  • Learn to play/work in classroom, group and independent settings
  • Developing respect for self and others
  • Recognize feelings and learn to positively express them
  • Recognize personal behavior (right and wrong)
Cognitive/ LanguageDevelopment

  • Recognizes and verbalizes names
  • Sings ABC’s
  • Communicates with teacher and speaks clearly
  • Names common objects and body parts- head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, feet, etc
  • Identifies simple shapes: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, heart, star
Fine/Gross Motor Skills

  • Pound, squeeze, roll play dough
  • Holds/Colors with crayons
  • Is able to run, jump, climb
  • Demonstrates throwing and catching a ball

Our experienced, NYS Qualified Teachers engage your child in age appropriate academic learning, including enrichment activities such as art, music and movement. Our curriculum gives toddlers many opportunities to actively investigate and explore their environment and engage in hands on classroom experiences.

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